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News and market intelligence for aviation professionals

Access up to the minute air transport news, together with airline and airport profiles, route and fleet data with the Flightglobal dashboard. The dashboard provides air transport professionals with timely and accurate market intelligence. Our team of specialist journalists and analysts provide the latest news on deals, trends, transaction data and insights into key events among operators.

The Flightglobal dashboard
The Flightglobal dashboard    

With dashboard you can easily track airline traffic, fleets, routes and finances, as well as monitor the competition – all in one service.

This comprehensive service is valuable for anyone who is included in the global aviation supply chain.


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Why subscribe to Flightglobal dashboard?

  • Real time global air transport news coverage
  • Be the first to spot opportunities with the latest information on start-ups, deals, trends, transaction data from our specialist journalists and analysts with over 1,000 updates a day
  • Easily track airline fleets, route announcements, management appointments and finances, as well as monitoring your competition – all in one service
  • Personalised email alerts so you never miss news about your clients, prospects and customers
  • Identify key metrics and benchmarks for any market sector to help support strategic plans
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Getting started

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Get started with a trial of the Flightglobal dashboard. Take full advantage of an impressive range of aviation news, data and insight and see quickly how your business can benefit from having access to dashboard. You will be able to set up news alerts, analyse airline routes, investigate fleets and search airport, airline and MRO profiles.

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