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New CEO to Meridiana fly

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On last tuesday Jan 15 2013 the board of Meridiana fly appointed Roberto Scaramella in place of Giuseppe Gentile who has left the airline after that his stock of shares in the hands of him, Alessandro Notari and Giambenso Borgognoni Vimercati with holdings Marchin Investments BV, Pathfinder Srl and Zain Srl was bought by AKFED, the holding of founder Karim Aga Khan.

Capt. Giuseppe Gentile and his partners has joined Meridiana fly with particpations in Air Italy, that continue to be part of the aviation business now in the hands of AKFED. Recently a new business plan was released and several planes returned to lessor for tempting to reduce losses matured by the airline.

AKFED will give further money in Meridiana fly for continuing the business. Roberto Scaramella is a 44 years old aviation specialist that leads the aviation business of AKFED. This holding controls also Celestair that amange the aviation business in Africa with four carriers: Air Burkina, Air Mali, Air Uganda and Air Ciote d'Ivoire.

Meridiana fly and Air Italy presently they has 2 B767/300ERs, 2 B767/200ERs, 1 A330/200s, 10 MD82/83s, 2 A319s, 2 B737/800s, 3 B737/700s, 2 B737/300s, 6 A320s. In the last days are left 1 A319s, 4 A320s and 1 A330s.

The current business plan speaks that shortly all  Airbuses except the A330s in lease to Turkish Airline will leave the fleet.