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June 2008 - Posts

Some shiny new developments on AirSpace
Tue, Jun 24 2008 4:15 AM

 As some of you may have noticed, last week we enhanced a couple of features on the site and here is a little quick description of what the main changes are:

  1. Firstly and perhaps the most obvious change, we have doubled the amount of Recent Photos/Posts on the homepage, utilising the white space and making sure that your great posts/photos stay on the homepage for a longer period
  2. The photo page now has a limiter on it so it counts only the last 2 weeks of data. This will mean a more refreshed page with all the latest and most relevant images coming to the front of the photo page. Unfortunately it also means we lose the Ryanair girls from that page Stick out tongue
  3. Finally, we have added a see more link to each of the four photo areas, so you can see in a paginated list all the latest/highest rated/most commented and highest viewed list.

See examples of this here:

I hope you like the changes we have made, any comments please either contact me or comment in this post.
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Forum rankings system explained
Mon, Jun 9 2008 8:32 AM

 We have introduced a new ranking system on AirSpace that will enable you to win prizes and fun stuff while enjoying the community. Very simply, this is based on the number of posts, and is ranked in the following levels:

Ground Crew - New users welcome, with a little patience you will soon be riding up the AirSpace chart

Cabin Crew - A step up the ladder in becoming an AirSpace veteran. Still someway to go but with a little luck...

Engineer - Reach this level and expect a wondrous prize (well a prize anyway). If you are already at this level, let me know

First Officer: Very near the top, you are close to the top of AirSpace tree and only require a little more effort to it.

Captain: You are at AirSpace Everest. Well done, you are a top dog of the community where moderation access awaits you.

Before anybody asks, the reason for picking these as levels is not to offend anybody so if you do work in cabin crew you are as essential to us as captain, we just needed a level barometer and we were sick of using Top Gun references Wink 

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