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Upload multiple images on AirSpace
Tue, Aug 26 2008 2:33 AM

Since AirSpace was launched over a year ago, we have aimed to make improvements to the photo side of the site both in terms of how they look on the photos page and the process you go through to upload them. We have improved the photos page to improve the most recent/most commented and most viewed, and today we are pleased to announce our first change to the number of images you can upload at once. We are pleased to announce that from today, you will be able to upload up to 10 images at a time to AirSpace.

To do so is very simple. You simply go through the same process as before (add a new photo/enter your galleries control panel (see below)  and in the common tasks area you will notice an upload multiple photos option.

 When you click on this option you will get 10 boxes (as highlighted in the image below). Simply browse to your image and give it a subject title, before giving the relevant set of tags at the bottom of the screen. Then press save and all the images will be uploaded at once. 

Once you have pressed save, you will be able to edit all the pictures as you wish.

As we progress, we hope to make further improvements to make uploading and tagging your images easier (e.g. uploading to multiple galleries, mulitiple tagging etc) but as an initial step this i hope is some improvement.

If you experience any problems with this,please email me or write a comment below or in our F&Q area.


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