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May 2009 - Posts

Prepare for some AirSpace changes
Fri, May 1 2009 7:21 AM

Hi all,

It's been a while since i wrote on this blog but i thought i would explain a few changes that you can expect to see on the site.  First of all i must thank you for your continued use of AirSpace. We have been really impressed with the quality of conversation and images uploaded and we long hope this may continue.

That being said, we realise that the platform as it stands is letting us down a little bit,  in look and especially in performance. We are doing two things to try and solve this. The first being a review of the platform to see if we can make any tweaks to improve the speed of AirSpace, as i realise (and as a regular user can testify to) how frustrating the site's slowness can be.

The second thing is something which is much more exciting and involves a complete upgrade to the platform.To be brief, Community Server (the platform that AirSpace sits on) has had a few upgrades since we installed it 18 months ago. The reason why we didn't immediately upgrade with it is because the new developments didn't fit in with our site's strengths (especially the images part).

The latest upgrade however does fit in more with hopefully what you guys want, and so early next year you can expect some new features and a change in site design.These changes will hopefully improve performance, it will improve the look of AirSpace by making it more identifiable within the wider Flightglobal site, and it will add some cool new functionality.

  • Greater personalisation - The profile function is being expanded and utilised better so it follows what you do , like on Facebook
  • Groups - This is a major step forward, as it allows you to create a mini group on a certain subject or event and have a shared gallery,blog, wiki and discussion area for that group. For example, we can have groups for airshows, or aircraft types, or industry areas.
  • Forums - will now include Questions so you can ask a question and rank the best item
  • Video - we should be able to upload video in the same way we upload images.
  • Page Width  - The site will make use of the full width of the screen

You can see an example of how AirSpace will look by looking at our stablemate Caterer Search. More importantly, if you have any views or wishes for how you see AirSpace working and looking (i.e. what do you think are our priorities) then please let me know by either commenting underneath or emailing me.

Kind Regards



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