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December 2009 - Posts

Order your 2010 Flightglobal calendar now
Thu, Dec 3 2009 7:53 AM

This year for the first time AirSpace and Flightglobal gave you the chance to get your best image into an exclusive 2010 calendar.

The winning twelve were picked by a panel of Flightglobal Editors and were taken from the top rated images on AirSpace, as well as from AirSpace’s image of the week competition. Our aim was to highlight the best twelve images taken and rated by you, the great AirSpace community, and we were really pleased with the quality of images chosen.

The winning 12 photographers have been contacted and will win a £100 (GBP) as well as a free copy of the calendar the winners, BUT you can beat them to the calendar by pre-ordering it NOW from the Flightglobal shop.

Here is a sneak peak at the calendar, which costs £8.64:

Have your own blog on AirSpace
Thu, Dec 3 2009 5:06 AM

AirSpace has an ever growing blogs portfolio, with six individual bloggers using our blogging platform to write exclusively to an aviation audience. They cover wide ranging topics and write from varying exotic locations throughout the world, from the Middle East, to Seattle and the South Pacific.

Our blogging functionality on AirSpace allows you to write about anything you want to! From writing about your favourite aviation memories, to your thoughts about the current state of the industry and latest news, it really is an area for you to use how you wish. 

Every registered user of AirSpace gets their own blog that they are free to use and customise to their tastes, using a number of default styles that come with the site. We can also help you create your own blog and identity by creating a blog header for you; please do not hesitate to contact me if you need advice on this.

Also, if you want to follow the latest devlopments on AirSpace, please follow my blog Jetwashed.

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How we use your images you upload to Airspace
Wed, Dec 2 2009 7:01 AM

How are your images used?

AirSpace now has over 20,000 images and we are really impressed by the growing pool of fantastic photographers that are using the site on a daily basis. Please remember that any registered user of AirSpace gets their own gallery that they can upload an unlimited number of photos to.

There is now a variety of ways your image can be used on Flightglobal and our print products, Flight International, Airline Business and the Air Show daily operations FDN and FEN.

As a policy we always credit the photographer when we use their image and link to their gallery on AirSpace. Unfortunately we cannot pay for every image used but we endeavour to run a number of competitions throughout the year where cash prizes are given out to the best images. If anyone has an issue with their images being used, please feel free to email me.

So how specifically are your images used:

  • In the print magazines: Flight International, Airline Business and the air show daily operations FDN and FEN.
  • On the website: on Flightglobal homepage and various articles, blog posts or slot advertisements.
  • AirSpace image of the week: A weekly competition where the image of the week, which is chosen by Flightglobal editors’, features on both Flight International (on page 3) and on Flight’s Image of the Day blog.
  • Flight International front cover competition: A chance for the best image from AirSpace to feature on the front cover of Flight International’s end of year edition.
  • AirSpace calendar competition: A year long competition where the best twelve images from AirSpace feature in a calendar which is sold on Flightglobal’s shop(you can pre-order a copy of 2010's calendar now)

We hope that the recent AirSpace upgrade has made it easier for you to upload multiple pictures to your gallery. If you experience any problems, please let me know.
We also hope that search has been improved a little, by using the search button on the image page on AirSpace. Again, we are always looking to improve search as we realise how important it is for you.

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AirSpace New Feature: Bulk uploading of images
Wed, Dec 2 2009 6:49 AM

This version of AirSpace allows you to bulk load up to 10 images at a time and for the first time, it allows you to follow the progress of the upload as it happens. To use the new upload feature,  simply click on the gallery you want to upload to, and on the top right hand side you will notice a 'bulk upload' option appears next to the 'upload' option. Click on that button followed by the "Select Files" button and you will be able to navigate to up to 10 photos from your folder to upload at once. You will see the progress of the images as they upload and then once the upload has finished, you can tag each image or add any common tags at the top. If you need to, you can place each image in different galleries from the default one if needed.

If you have any questions or if you are having trouble uploading pictures (whether individually or by using the bulk upload), please email me and will endeavour to help you.

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AirSpace New Feature: Wikis
Wed, Dec 2 2009 6:37 AM

Through the new version of AirSpace we are giving you the ability to create, manage and edit pages to create a new and rich aviation resource.

This wiki area lets us the AirSpace community work together to help document important aviation related information; from anniversaries and historical facts to new aircraft information and data, from great spotting locations to airline reviews, this area is what you want to make of it. We have no restriction as long as it is aviation related and is mindful of the community principles which you can read in the T@Cs.

How to create a new Wiki (topic area)

Click on “Create New Wiki!” on the right hand side. When you have done so, add a name, a shortened version on the URL, and then a short description of the group. You can then click on save and the area should be created.

How to create a page for an existing topic

Simply click on the relevant subject area and click on add page on the top right hand side.  You will then be able to add a new page with the full AirSpace controls that you have around the site. Remember you can also add Video and images to this area and we encourage you to do so.

Alternatively, to edit a page, click on the page you want to edit and make your changes. Then click save and the page will be updated.

If you have any questions about using the wiki functionality, please email me with any questions.

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AirSpace New Feature: Groups
Wed, Dec 2 2009 6:31 AM

The ability to create and manage your own group is another new addition to AirSpace and is something that we are very excited about. Just imagine being able to create a group on any topic of aviation interest, historical event, aircraft type, job role, air show/conference or business need. This grouping function allows you to do just that.

To briefly explain, groups are essentially smaller communities that exist within the larger AirSpace, similar to Google or Yahoo groups. 

Each group has its own content, membership, and permissions that allow you to be as open or as closed as you wish to be. Within each group there is a blog, a gallery, a forum, and also individual pages for you to edit as you wish.

Like a Google group, these groups can be created by you and be as open or as closed as you wish, therefore allowing you to share your content with the wider AirSpace community or with a select number that requires approval to enter.

How is a Group Created?

All you have to do is click the "Create a Group" link in the sidebar of the "Groups" home page to immediately create a group. Groups can be defined to be "Public (Open Membership)", "Public (Closed Membership)", or "Private".

Alternatively, you can just find the group you like and click on join this group (or if it is a closed group, you may have to get permission first).

If you have any questions or if you want to create a group but don't know where to start, please contact me.

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Welcome to the new AirSpace
Wed, Dec 2 2009 5:36 AM

Welcome to the new and upgraded version of AirSpace. As you can see, things are a little bit different, but I hope you like what you see so far.

We have been aiming to upgrade AirSpace for a while now in the continuing aim to provide you with the best mixture of aviation chat and images, and now we have improved on that with the addition of Wikis and Groups functionality. We also have a new answers section, where you can test the journalists’ knowledge on different aviation subjects.

All your favourite elements from the previous AirSpace still remain, with the ability to upload multiple images to galleries and an improved profile section that lets you get to know fellow AirSpace users. We also hope that the general performance of the site has improved.

This upgrade doesn’t mean that we are resting on our laurels and so we welcome any suggestions on what you think of the site and also how we can improve in the future. This is a big upgrade so there maybe a few gremlins in the system, so if you have any problems, or want to comment on the new look of the site, please feel free to comment below or email me.

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