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January 2010 - Posts

Flight International front cover competition 2009 - the winner!
Tue, Jan 5 2010 7:33 AM

A great 2009 on AirSpace was brought to a fitting close with our annual front cover competion, which as usual gave one of you the chance to feature your best image on the front cover of Flight International's end of year edition. As usual, we were really pleased with the continuing high standard of entries and the decision was has been made and the winner decided.

For those of you who get Flight International magazine, this announcement will be of no surprise, but for the rest of you, i am pleased to announce that this year's front cover competition winner is Sunshine Band, with this brilliant image of a Raytheon Sentinel:

Sleekjets: Winner - Sunshine Band Raytheon Sentinel

The other category winners are:

General Stars: Winner WilBod - Flying Lions Aerobatic Team North American Harvard

Old Flyers:  Winner - Akoolsbergen Canadian Warplane Heritage Douglas DC-3 Dakota

Big Birds: Winner - DRMonk RAF Lockheed L1-1011 Tristar lands at Brize Norton at sunset

Congratulations to Sunshine band who gets £100 and look back next year for your chance to be featured.


Happy New Year and an explanation of that pesky flightbot thread starter
Mon, Jan 4 2010 8:45 AM

Hello and welcome to the new year on Flightglobal and AirSpace. I hope you all had a restful festive period and looking forward to 2010 as much as we are on Flightglobal. We hope that with this new looking site you can enjoy AirSpace even more and with all it has to offer; which includes Forums,Blogs,Groups, Wikis and much more besides.

As this upgrade of AirSpace was such a big one we have experienced some teething problems with the site, one connected with performance which we are aiming to improve all the time and the other is connected with a pesky character called Flightbot.

"Who is Flightbot?"

Well fellow AirSpace friends,to briefly explain Flightbot (or on the homepage you will see it as XMair China) is an automated user that we created with the purpose of connecting the articles on Flightglobal with AirSpace. Its aim was (and is) a simple one; to make it easier for you to comment on an article you have read on the site.This connection worked perfectly before the upgrade, but since it occured we have noticed an annoying amount of Flightbot threads appearing, which at the moment we have to remove manually. This means that despite our best efforts you will sometimes see Flightbot posts on the homepage. We are really sorry for this annoyance on the site and we aim to get this fixed shortly. If you have any questions, please let me know.



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