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The information in this blog comes from a variety of sources, though particular credit must be given to the following sites, which are very highly recommended.
Chris Witt/Skyliner
Jethro/UK & Ireland Airline Fleet Listings
Puget Sound - Boeing test Flights

Aegean A319 SX-DGI (3162) was ferried from Athens to Shannon on 12/11 & A320 SX-DGH (1880) from Athens to Dublin on 13/11, both on return to the lessor.
Air Batumi. See under Brit Air.
Air Berlin B738 D-ABMK (37772) made its first flight on 12/11. D-ABAQ (28071) left Munich on 14/11 as PK-CLR on delivery to Sriwijaya Air. A320 D-ABND (5290) was delivered from Finkenwerder to Berlin/Tegel on 15/11.
Air Bridge B748F VQ-BRH (37669) made its first flight on 14/11.
Airbus single-aisle deliveries to other customers
CC-BFE A320 (5364) to LAN A/L 15/11
HS-BBB A320 (5353) to Thai Air Asia 10/11
JA07JJ A320 (5355) to Jetstar Japan 15/11
N616NK A320 (5370) to Spirit A/L 16/11
PK-AXY A320 (5359) to Indonesia Air Asia 14/11
PK-GLK A320 (5351) to Citilink 10/11
VH-VFK A320 (5334) to Jetstar 16/11
VT-IFF A320 (5365) to IndiGo 15/11
XA-WAB A320 (5358) to InterJet 13/11
9M-AQO A320 (5347) to Air Asia 10/11
Air France A320 F-GKXQ (3777) left Pointe-a-Pitre for Toulouse on 12/11 following operations in the Caribbean. A319 F-GRXN (3065) has become VP-BIV for Donavia & was delivered from Toulouse to Rostov-on-Don on 15/11.
Airlinair AT72 F-GVZR (498) was delivered all white from Mönchengladbach to Paris/Orly on 13/11 still as N498AT on lease from Nordic Capital Aviation.
All Nippon B763 JA8272 (24003) left Tokyo/Haneda on 12/11 for scrapping at Victorville, CA.
American A/L B773 N718AN (41665) made its first flight on 15/11.
ATR deliveries to other customers
9Y-TTE AT72 (997) to Caribbean A/W 14/11
Azerbaijan A/L B752 VP-BBR (29305) was reregistered 4K-AZ11 at Baku on 15/11.
Boeing single-aisle deliveries to other customers
B-5692 B738 (41301) to Shanghai A/L 14/11
B-5695 B738 (40018) to Air China 16/11
B-5698 B738 (38933) to China Southern 10/11
B-5722 B738 (47185) to China United 12/11
ET-APM B738 (40962) to Ethiopian A/L 14/11
PR-GUU B738 (39607) to Gol 13/11
VT-JFD B738 (39051) to Jet A/W 12/11
ZS-ZWC B738 (40853) to Kulula 15/11
Brit Air F100 F-GPXB (11492), now F-WPXB with Sky Unlimited, was ferried from Norwich to Kiev on 12/11 & is due for Air Batumi.
British A/W A388 G-XLEA (095) was ferried from Toulouse to Finkenwerder on 13/11 as F-WWSK in primer, but with BA tail.
Brussels A/L B462 OO-DJZ (E2305) was ferried from Brussels to Kemble on 13/11 on return to the lessor. B734 OO-VES (28493) left Brussels on 10/11 for cargo conversion at Miami, FL & is due to become N493AC. A319 OO-SSA (2392 ex N936FR) was delivered from Shannon to Brussels on 14/11 (note that this is the second use of this registration on an A319).
Carpatair F70 YR-KMA (11564) left Timisoara on 14/11 on delivery to Alliance & will become VH-QQR.
China Eastern A343 B-2384 (182) was ferried from Shanghai/Pudong to Lourdes for storage on 15/11.
CSA A320 OK-GEA (1439) was ferried from Prague to Shannon on 13/11 for painting for flyGeorgia. AT42 OK-JFJ (623) left Prague as N804HC on 13/11 on delivery to Hawaiian A/L.
Donavia. See under Air France.
EasyJet A319 G-EZEF (2176) was noted at Montpellier on 11/11 in full FastJet scheme prior to delivery as 5H-FJA. HB-JZK (2319) left Southend on 12/11 as N301NV on delivery to Allegiant.
EAT A306F D-AEAE (753) was ferried from Dresden to Chateauroux for painting on 13/11 following freighter conversion.
Embraer single-aisle deliveries to other customers
PR-AXH E190 (19000569) to Azul Linhas Aereas 9/11
VT-AOK E135 (14501157) to private customer 7/11
Emirates B773 A6-ENB (41075) left Paine Field on 16/11 on delivery to Dubai.
Etihad A320 A6-EIQ (5348) left Finkenwerder on 13/11 on delivery to Abu Dhabi.
FedEx B777F N889FD (41067) was delivered from Paine Field to Memphis, TN on 9/11.
Flybe DH8D G-JEDL (4067) left Maastricht on 10/11 on return to Bombardier.
FlyGeorgia. See under CSA.
LAN A/L B763 CC-BDJ (42213) left Paine Field on delivery on 14/11. B788 CC-BBC (38472) made its first flight on 14/11
LOT B788 SP-LRA (35938) left Paine Field on 14/11 on delivery to Warsaw.
Lufthansa B733 D-ABXS (24280) left Frankfurt on 14/11 for scrapping at Tulsa, OK. B744 D-ABVD (24740) was ferried from Frankfurt to Brussels on 14/11 for interior removal prior to scrapping at Tupelo, MS.
Luxair. See under XL A/W Germany.
MAS A388 9M-MNC (084) left Toulouse on 14/11 on delivery to Kuala Lumpur.
Miscellaneous Movements
I have added this section to cover airliners arriving in Europe that don't fit into any of the usual headings. It will cover aircraft on return to the lessor, arriving for scrapping or storage, etc
B-5091 B737 (29091) of Lucky Air was ferried from Moscow/Domodedovo to Kemble on 15/11 on return to the lessor.
VT-JCB AT72 (575) of Jet A/W arrived all white at Shannon on 15/11 for a new operator.
Monarch A306 G-MONR (540) was ferried from Brussels to Luton on 12/11 & left for Pease, NH on 13/11 prior to continuing on to Tupelo, MS for scrapping. A320 G-MPCD (0379) was ferried from Brussels to Luton on 16/11 & will also be ferried to Tupelo, MS for scrapping.
Future acquisitions should include the following:
G-OZBY A320 (1320 ex G-OOAR) to be acquired from Thomson A/W early December
G-OZBZ A321 (pedigree not confirmed) for delivery late March
G-ZBAA A320 (5526) for delivery late March
G-ZBAB A320 (5581) for delivery late April
G-ZBAD A321 (5582) for delivery late March
G-ZBAE A321 (5606) for delivery late May
Two further A321s are to be acquired before next summer
Non Airline
A7-HJA B748BBJ (37075) for the Qatar Amiri Flight was ferried from McConnell, KS to Basel on 9/11 for VIP outfitting, which is believed to take around 18 months.
G-FLTF B462 (E2022) left Southend as N140CA on 15/11 heading for Summerside & water bomber conversion by Tronos.
VP-BJP A319CJ (4353), which has become VP-CJG for Tyrolean Jet Service, made an acceptance flight from Basel on 8/11 after VIP outfitting before entering service two days later.
VP-BKG A318CJ (4878) for Hong Kong Jet left Finkenwerder on delivery on 16/11.
Nouvelair A320 TS-INI (0301) was ferried from Monastir to Keflavik on 15/11 on its way back to the lessor.
Olympic Air A320 SX-OAT (4190) left Athens as VN-A689 on 13/11 on delivery to Hanoi for VietJet.
Oman Air E175 A4O-ED (17000354) arrived at Seeb on delivery on 16/11.
Orbest. Correcting last week, A320s EC-KYZ (3758) & EC-LRT (3933) are on winter lease to Air India & not Go Air.
Pegasus B738 TC-CPF (40879) made its first flight on 15/11.
Qatar A/W B788 A7-BCB (38320) left Boeing Field on 13/11 on delivery to Doha.
Rossiya B735 EI-CDD (24989) left St Petersburg on 10/11 bound for Goodyear, AZ on return to the lessor.
Royal Falcon B762 JY-JRF was noted reregistered at Abu Dhabi on 9/11 as JY-SOB for Solitaire Air.
SAS DH8D LN-RDA (4013) has become 5Y-SMJ for 748 Air Services & left Maastricht on delivery on 11/11. A333 SE-REF (568) was reregistered LN-RKN at Copenhagen on 14/11. MD87 SE-DIF (49606) left Stockholm/Arlanda on 16/11 for scrapping at Kingman, AZ. Also see under Wideroe.
Saudia B773 HZ-AK16 (41053) made its first flight on 14/11.
Shaheen Air. See under Vladivostok Avia.
Singapore A/L B773 9V-SYE (28531) was reregistered as EI-XLP for Transaero at Singapore on 12/11 & is due for delivery in January.
Solitaire Air. See under Royal Falcon.
Swiftair MD83 EC-LTV (53190 ex SU-ZCA, N190AN, HK-4137X, N190AN, LV-BHN, N190AN) was registered at San Jose on 9/11 prior to delivery.
TAP A320 CS-TNL (1231) will be out of action for a while after a belt loader vehicle bumped the cargo door at Rome/Fiumicino on 11/11. Tragically, a ground handler was killed during the incident.
Thomas Cook B752 G-TCBA (28203) was cancelled from the UK register on 13/11 & reregistered as N972FD at Manchester prior to delivery to Victorville, CA for FedEx the following day.
Thomson A/W. See under Monarch.
Transaero. See under Singapore A/L.
Transavia B738 PH-HZG (28379) left Amsterdam on 16/11 heading for Minneapolis/St Paul, MN on winter lease to Sun Country.
Travel Service B738 OK-TVJ (29351) left Prague on 11/11 for Toronto/Pearson on winter lease to Sunwing A/L as C-FTAH.
Travel Service Hungary B738 HA-LKB (30294) left Prague on 12/11 for Toronto/Pearson on winter lease to Sunwing A/L as C-GRKB.
TUIfly B738 D-AHFL (27985) was ferried from Shannon to Hanover on 16/11 after painting for Sriwijaya Air with whom it will become PK-CLS.
Virgin Atlantic A346 G-VFOX (449) was ferried from Dublin to Manila on 13/11 after painting all white. A333 G-VUFO (1352) was delivered from Toulouse to Zurich on 15/11.
Vladivostok Avia A333 VQ-BEQ (86) was ferried from Amsterdam to Brussels on 12/11 after painting for Shaheen Air & will become AP-BKN.
Vueling A320 EC-GRG (0143), which was registered to ACG Acquisitions as N443AG on 8/11, left Barcelona on 8/11 for scrapping at Victorville, CA. EC-GRH (0146) left Barcelona on 13/11 also for scrapping at Victorville, CA.
Wideroe is to be put up for sale by SAS.
XL A/W Germany B738 D-AXLK (32920) was ferried from Luxembourg to Frankfurt on 12/11 following summer lease to Luxair.