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The information in this blog comes from a variety of sources, though particular credit must be given to the following sites, which are very highly recommended.
Chris Witt/Skyliner
Jethro/UK & Ireland Airline Fleet Listings
Puget Sound - Boeing test Flights

Afriqiyah A320 5A-ONN (5414) made its first flight on 23/11 as F-WWDN.
Air Astana A320 P4-KBA (5401) made its first flight on 23/11 as F-WWBQ.
Air Berlin B738 D-ABAS (28073) was ferried from Munich to Ostrava on 18/11 for painting for Enter Air.
Air Blue. See under THY.
Airbus single-aisle deliveries to other customers
B-HST A320 (5362) to Dragonair 17/11
B-6431 A319 (5380) to China Eastern 20/11
B-6951 A320 (5363) to China Eastern 20/11
N513VL A320 (5322) to Volaris 21/11
N536AV A320 (5360) to Avianca 21/11
XA-BAV A320 (5372) to InterJet 21/11
Air Libya B463 5A-FLB (E3234 ex G-CCTB) was noted at Bournemouth in full scheme on 20/11, still wearing its UK registration & was ferried to Kemble the following day.
Air Zena Georgian A/L B737 4L-TGM (29904 ex N370MS) was noted at Miami, FL in full scheme on 17/11.
Alitalia A319 EI-IMW (5383) made its first flight on 17/11 as D-AVWJ.
ATR deliveries to other customers
PR-AQB AT72 (1054) to Azul Linhas Aereas 23/11
5H-PWH AT42 (1001) to Precision Air 17/11
Austrian A/L B738 OE-LNJ (28177) was registered EI-EZB at Shannon on 15/11 & is due to be delivered to Overland A/W.
Blue1 B462 OH-SAO (E2393) left Kemble on 22/11 on delivery to SA Airlink.
Boeing single-aisle deliveries to other customers
N897NN B738 (33318) to American A/L 20/11
N908NN B738 (31157) to American A/L 19/11
N8325D B738 (37003) to Southwest 16/11
N37462 B739 (37207) to United 20/11
PK-LKL B739 (38683) to Lion Air 16/11
9M-MLR B738 (39328) to MAS 20/11
Bulgaria Air E190 LZ-PLO (19000584) is due to arrive at Sofia on delivery on 24/11.
Cargolux B748F LX-VCG (35812) arrived at Luxembourg on delivery on 20/11.
Citywing. See under Manx2.
CSA A320 OK-GEA (1439) was flown back to Prague from Shannon on 22/11 after painting for flyGeorgia & is to become 4L-FGC.
DHL B763F G-DHLJ (37809) was ferried from Atlanta, GA to East Midlands on 22/11 after winglet fitting. G-DHLK (37810) was delivered from Paine Field to Atlanta, GA on 21/11 for winglet fitting.
EasyJet A319 G-EZIU (2548) left Southend on 20/11 as CC-AHE on delivery to Sky A/L at Santiago. G-EZEF (2176) was cancelled from the register on 19/11 & left Montpellier on 21/11 on delivery to Dar-Es-Salaam for Fastjet as 5H-FJA. HB-JZJ (2265) was ferried from Geneva to Luton on 20/11 on transfer back to the parent company (for Allegiant?).
Enter Air. See under Air Berlin.
Ethiopian A/L B788 ET-AOP (34744) left Paine Field on 20/11 on delivery to Addis Ababa.
Euro Atlantic A/W B763F CS-TLZ (24086) is to be wet-leased to TMA for 12 months from 12/12. B763 CS-TLO (24318) was ferried from Lisbon to Havana on 15/11 on winter lease to Cubana.
EVA Air B744 B-16405 (27142) was registered N949AS for AerSale on 9/11 & left Taipei on 16/11 for Roswell,NM.
Flybe DH8D G-JEDL (4067), which was recently ferried back to the manufacturer, was registered N404E for L-3 Communications Advanced Aviation on 14/11.
FlyDubai B738 A6-FEC (40256) arrived at Dubai on delivery on 19/11.
FlyGeorgia A319 N429MX (1429) arrived at Tbilisi on delivery on 20/11 & is to become 4L-FGB. Also see under CSA & Hamburg A/W.
Gambia Bird is leasing a second A319 from Germania Express. D-ASTB (4691) was flown from Munich to Bratislava on 19/11 for painting.
Germania Express. See under Gambia bird.
Hamburg A/W A319 D-AHHE (0949) was ferried from Hamburg to Woensdrecht on 21/11 prior to delivery to flyGeorgia.
LAN A/L B763 CC-BDK (41993) made its first flight on 20/11
Luxair DH8D LX-LGM (4425) arrived at Luxembourg on delivery on 18/11. B738 LX-LGU (41047) made it first flight on 20/11.
Manx2 has been the subject of a management buy-out & will be renamed Citywing with effect 01/01. 
MAS A388 9M-MND (098) left Toulouse on 22/11 on delivery to Kuala Lumpur.
Miscellaneous Movements
D4-CBG B752 (27599) of Cape Verde A/L was ferried from Frankfurt to Shannon on 15/11 & was noted there all white as EI-EYZ for ILFC on 20/11.
Monarch. A320 G-MPCD (0379) left Luton on 17/11 for scrapping at Tupelo, MS. Also see under Thomson A/W.
Non Airline
A4O-HMS B748BBJ (39749) for the Oman Royal Flight made its first flight on 16/11 as N5511V.
EI-CXF A332 (358 ex TC-ETK) of ILFC was ferried from Istanbul/Ataturk to Lourdes for storage on 17/11.
EI-ERV A320 (0566 ex SP-IAB) of BBAM/Fly Leasing was ferried from storage at Dublin to Sofia on 19/11.
Qatar A/W A320 A7-AHY (5395) made its first flight on 20/11 as F-WWBJ & A7-AHX (5361) left Toulouse on 23/11 on delivery to Doha. B788 A7-BCA (38319) was delivered from Paine Field to Victorville, CA on 22/11 for IFE fitting.
Royal Jordanian A320 JY-AYW (5367) left Toulouse on 20/11 on delivery to Amman.
Ryanair B738 EI-EXF (40322) made its first flight on 16/11.
TAM B773 PT-MUH (38889) was delivered from Paine Field to Belo Horizonte on 21/11.
Thomson A/W A320 G-OOAR (1320) was ferried from Luton to Norwich on 17/11 for painting into Monarch scheme & will become G-OZBY. B738 G-TAWK (37239) was registered on 19/11 & arrived at Manchester on 20/11 on delivery. G-FDZA (35134) left Manchester on 21/11 on winter lease to Sunwing A/L & was registered C-FPZA the following day. B733 G-THOP (28740) was ferried from Norwich to Lasham on 23/11 after painting all white.
THY A321 TC-JSD (5388) made its first flight on 23/11 as D-AVZR. A343 TC-JIJ (216), temporarily registered EI-ETY, has become AP-EDE for Air Blue & was delivered from Istanbul/Ataturk to Islamabad on 23/11.
TMA. See under Euro Atlantic A/W.
Ukraine International B734 UR-GAM (25190) left Kiev on 21/11 for Tucson, AZ on return to the lessor.
United B788 N26902 (34822) was delivered from Paine Field to LAX on 21/11, while N45905 (34825) made its first flight the same day.
Virgin Atlantic A333 G-VUFO (1352) arrived at LHR on 21/11 for service entry.
XL A/W Germany B738 D-AXLE (30724) left Dublin on 19/11 as C-GDGT heading for Montreal/Mirabel on winter lease to CanJet.