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The information in this blog comes from a variety of sources, though particular credit must be given to the following sites, which are very highly recommended.
Chris Witt/Skyliner
Jethro/UK & Ireland Airline Fleet Listings
Puget Sound - Boeing test Flights

Aegean A319 SX-DGG (1727) has not been returned to the lessor, but was ferried from Shannon back to Athens on 21/12 after maintenance (corrects last blog).
Aer Lingus. Further to my posting regarding A320s being leased to Virgin Atlantic, it now seems that EI-CVA (1242) may be going to the scrapman instead. Aer Lingus will also reportedly lease a pair of A320s from GECAS in March.
Aeroflot A320 VP-BID (5421) was delivered from Finkenwerder to Moscow/Sheremetyevo on 28/12
Aerosvit has entered bankruptcy proceedings, but is continuing to operate while reorganising. It is to transfer 21 routes to Ukraine International. 
Afriqiyah A/W A320 5A-ONN (5414) was delivered from Toulouse to Benghazi on 24/12.
Air Astana A320 P4-SAS (2016) is to go to Small Planet A/L Polska as SP-HAD & was noted as such at Southend on 2/1 prior to Painting & delivery.
Air Batumi. See under Kish Air.
Air Berlin A333 D-AERK (120) was ferried from Dusseldorf to Manila on 1/1 & is to become CS-TRI with HiFly.
Airbus single-aisle deliveries to other customers
B-6942 A321 (5432) to Air China 22/12
N566UW A321 (5422) to US A/W 28/12
PK-GLM A320 (5394) to Citilink 27/12
PK-RMS A320 (5426) to Mandala 22/12
RDPL-34224 A320 (5396) to Lao Aviation 22/12
VN-A395 A321 (5385) to Vietnam A/L 28/12
VN-A398 A321 (5427) to Cambodia Angkor A/L 31/12
V5-ANN A319 (5400) to Air Namibia 3/1
9M-AQQ A320 (5428) to Air Asia 22/12 (first delivery with sharklets)
9M-AQR A320 (5430) to Air Asia 29/12
9M-AQS A320 (5431) to Air Asia 22/12
Air China A333 B-5906 (1373) left Toulouse on 22/12 on delivery to Tianjin. B773 B-2036 (38676) left Paine Field on 21/12 on delivery to Beijing.
Air Contractors A302Fs EI-OZD (236), EI-OZE (152), EI-OZF (259) & EI-OZH (234) were all ferried from Leipzig to Lourdes for storage on 22/12. B734F EI-STC (24446 ex VH-TJU, N119BT) arrived at Dublin on 26/12 on delivery from Miami, FL. A306F EI-OZJ (770) was ferried from Leipzig to Manila on 1/1 for painting into DHL/Air Hong Kong scheme.
Air France. See under Airlinair.
Air Hong Kong. See under Air Contractors.
Air India B788 VT-ANL (36283) left Charleston, SC on 29/12 on delivery to Delhi, with VT-ANJ (36281) following on 3/1.
Air Libya B463 G-CEIH (E3232) was ferried from Bacau to Lelystad on 30/12 for painting prior to delivery.
Airlinair, Brit Air & Regional A/L are to be merged into a single Air France subsidiary in late January.
Alitalia B772 I-DISO (32857) was reregistered EI-ISO at LHR on 27/12. A319 EI-IMV (5294) made its first flight on 4/1 as D-AVWB.
All Nippon B788 JA817A (40749) left Paine Field on 21/12 on delivery to Tokyo/Haneda.
Atlantic A/W B462 OY-RCE (E2233) left Vagar on 28/12 heading for Santiago on wet-lease to Aerovias DAP.
ATR deliveries to other customers
PK-WGH AT72 (1067) to Wings Abadi Air 31/12
PR-AQE AT72 (1066) to Azul Linhas Aereas 2/1
VH-FVR AT72 (1058) to Skywest A/L 4/1 (Virgin Australia scheme)
ZK-MVB AT72 (1065) to Air New Zealand Link 22/12
5H-PWI AT42 (1003) to Precision Air 22/12
Austrian A/L B738 OE-LNS (34262) was ferried from Vienna to Tallinn on 9/12 & then from there to Ostrava on 30/12 for painting for Aero Mexico.
Azerbaijan A/L. A345 F-WWTG (886) was built nearly five years ago for Kingfisher. The order was cancelled & the aircraft was subsequently due to be delivered to Sonair & then to HiFly, but both these deals fell through as well. It does, however, seem to have found an operator at last & is due to go to Azerbaijan A/L as 4K-AZ85.
BH Air A320 LZ-BHD (0221) left Sofia on 3/1 bound for Marana, AZ on return to the lessor.
Blue Panorama B752 EI-DKL (28482) was registered to Pegasus Aviation on 18/12 as N595SH, with EI-DNA (28483) becoming N596SH on 21/12. Both are stored at Victorville, CA.
Boeing single-aisle deliveries to other customers
None since last blog!
Brit Air. See under Airlinair.
Brussels A/L B462 OO-DJZ (E2305), currently stored at Kemble, was registered to Trident Turboprop Ltd on 2/1 as G-CHPB.
Chaba Air. See under Mahan Air.
Condor. See under Thomas Cook.
CSA A320 OK-GEA (1439) has become 4L-FGC for flyGeorgia & was delivered from Prague to Tbilisi on 4/1. OK-GEB (1450) is due to follow.
DHL International ME B752F A9C-DHE (22210 ex N520EA, N618AU, N930RD, PR-LGJ, N241AL) arrived at Bahrain on 22/12 on delivery from Jacksonville, FL.
easyJet A319 HB-JZN (2387) was ferried from Geneva to Malta on 28/12 prior to delivery to Sky A/L in February. A320 G-EZTN (4006) was ferried from Gatwick to Geneva on 2/1 & is now registered HB-JYE. A319 G-EJJB (2380) was ferried from Malta to Southend on 3/1 prior to delivery to Sky A/L.
Embraer deliveries to other customers
PR-AXO E195 (19000592) to Azul Linhas Aereas 23/12
PT-TCQ E135 (14501158) to Air One Aviation 28/12 (to become VT-AOL)
Emirates A388 A6-EEE (112) left Toulouse on 27/12 on delivery to Dubai, with A6-EED (111) following on 28/12. A6-EEH (119) made its first flight on 3/1.
Euro Atlantic A/W B738 CS-TQU (30646) was ferried from Lisbon to Lagos on 23/12 on wet-lease to Med-View A/L.
FedEx MD10F N68050 (47804) was ferried from Memphis, TN to Victorville, CA for storage on 26/12.
flyGeorgia. See under CSA.
HiFly A313 CS-TEX (565) was ferried from Jeddah to Brussels on 1/1 after wet-lease to NAS Air. Also see under Air Berlin.
Iberia. Flight Global reports that the carrier is to sell nine A320s to Allegiant Air with seven set for delivery in 2013.
Icelandair is expanding its B752 fleet with the addition of a former American A/L machine. N637AM (24595) was ferried from Roswell, NM to Bradley, CO on 11/12 for painting & delivered to Keflavik on 19/12.
JAL B788 JA829J (34839) left Paine Field on 21/12 on delivery to Tokyo/Narita.
Kish Air. Despite various embargos & sanctions, airliners continue to find their way to Iran (also see under Mahan Air). The latest are three F100s recently delivered to Kiev supposedly for Batumi, but then delivered to Kish Island on 29/12 as follows:
EP-LCP (11495 ex F-GPXE, F-WPXE)
(11492 ex F-GPXB, F-WPXB)
(11330 ex F-GPXF, F-WPXF)
Lufthansa A320 D-AIZN (5425) made its first flight on 3/1 as D-AVVJ. Also see under Mahan Air
Luxair DH8D LX-LGD (4171) was ferried from Innsbruck to Ostrava on 26/12 for painting for Yakutia.
Mahan Air. Also reaching Iran by a dubious route were two former Lufthansa A343s, EX-34001 (20 ex D-AIGA) & EX-34002 (56 ex D-AIGK). These were supposedly sold to Chaba Air as HS-CHA & HS-CHB, but don't appear to have entered service & were then sold to Manas A/W, who promptly delivered them from Bangkok/Don Muang to Tehran on 22/12 & 26/12 respectively. Also see under Kish Air. 
Manas A/W. See under Mahan Air.
NAS Air. See under HiFly.
Non Airline
A6-PFA B748BBJ (37500) for the UAE Presidential Flight was ferried from McConnell, KS to Hamburg on 21/12 for VIP cabin outfitting.
N458BJ B748BBJ (40065) for the Saudi Arabian VIP Flight was ferried from Louisville, KY to Basel on 28/12 for cabin outfitting. It is due to become HZ-HMS1.
VP-CJG (4353) of Tyrolean Jet Services positioned from Basel to Moscow/Vnukovo on 27/12 after cabin outfitting.
Nordstar B733 VP-BKT (28871) was only at Woensdrecht for painting & was returned to Moscow/Domodedovo on 21/12 (adds to last blog)
Onur Air A320s TC-OBH (1482) & TC-OBI (1509) were ferried from Jeddah to Istanbul/Ataturk on 1/1 after wet-lease to Saudia.
Orbest A333 EC-LEQ (1097) left Madrid on 3/1 for Santiago on winter lease to PAL Principal A/L.
PAL Principal A/L. See under Orbest.
Qatar A/W B788s A7-BCC (38321) & A7-BCK (38329) were delivered from Paine Field to Victorville, CA on 21/12 & 20/12 respectively for IFE fitting. 
Red Wings T204 RA-64049 (64049) overran the end of the runway at Novosibirsk by about 800 to 1000 feet on 20/12 at the end of a flight from Moscow/Vnukovo. There were no casualties or injuries to the 59 passengers & 8 crew. On 28/12 Rosaviatsia alerted Tupolev that a brakes malfunction had been the cause of the overrun at Novosibirsk. On 29/12 a similar incident occurred, but this time with tragic results when RA-64047 (64047) on a ferry flight from Pardubice overran the end of the runway at Moscow/Vnukovo onto a motorway breaking into 3 parts & resulting in the deaths of 4 of the 8 crew on board.
Regional A/L. See under Airlinair.
Rossiya B735 EI-CDG (25738) was ferried from storage at Tallinn to Billund on 4/1.
Saudia. See under Onur Air.
Singapore A/L Cargo B744F 9V-SCA (26550) left Singapore on 21/12 for storage at Victorville, CA.
Sky A/L B738s TC-SKR (32576) & TC-SKS (32348) were registered to Celestial Aviation Trading on 28/12 as M-ABFV & M-ABFU respectively. Both are currently parked at Dublin.
Small Planet A/L B733 LY-AQV (25069) was ferried from Dublin to Moscow/Vnukovo on 24/12 after painting into SCAT scheme & is to become UP-B3712.
Small Planet A/L Polska. See under Air Astana.
SmartLynx A320 YL-LCL (0533) was delivered from Dublin to Riga all white on 21/12.
Thomas Cook B763 G-DAJC (27206) remains on lease to Condor (corrects last blog). A320 G-CRPH (0424) was ferried from storage at Manchester to Montpellier on 3/1.
Thomson A/W B733 G-THOP (28740), currently stored at Lasham, was registered to Aircraft Finance Trust Ireland Ltd on 13/12.
Transavia B744 EI-XLO (28025 ex 9V-SPQ, N747KD) left Rome, NY on 22/12 on delivery to Moscow/Domodedovo.
Ukraine International. See under Aerosvit.
United A/L B744 N193UA (26890) was ferried from Victorville, CA to Tupelo, MS on 27/12 for scrapping. B788 N27910 (34821) was delivered from Paine Field to LAX on 27/12
UPS B763F N354UP (37862) made its first flight on 3/1.
UT Air B752 VP-BLV (30043 ex N523NA, N755NA) arrived at Rostov-on-Don on 28/12 on delivery from Indianapolis, IN.
Virgin Atlantic. See under Aer Lingus.
Wind Jet A319s EI-DVD (0647) & EI-DVU (0660) were noted being painted for First Nation A/W at Dublin on 28/12 & are to become 5N-FND & 5N-FNE respectively. 
XL A/W Germany B738 D-AXLF (28218), which was registered C-GDGY on 12/12 for winter lease to CanJet, was cancelled from the Canadian registered a mere nine days later as transferred to Ireland. Having been ferried from Cologne to Amsterdam on 21/12, D-AXLK (32920) was then ferried to Antalya on 22/12 on return to the lessor.
Yakutia. See under Luxair.