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The information in this blog comes from a variety of sources, though particular credit must be given to the following sites, which are very highly recommended.
Chris Witt/Skyliner
Jethro/UK & Ireland Airline Fleet Listings
Puget Sound - Boeing test Flights

Aer Lingus. See under Meridiana Fly.
Aerosvit B763 UR-VVF (24476) left Kiev on 28/1 bound for Victorville, CA on return to the lessor.
Air Astana A320 P4-UAS (2987) was ferried from Southend to Manchester on 27/1 for painting for a new customer.
Airbus single-aisle deliveries to other customers
B-6972 A320 (5466) to Spring A/L 30/1
B-9900 A320 (5461) to China Eastern 29/1
CC-BFG A320 (5443) to LAN A/L 1/2
CC-BFH A320 (5453) to LAN A/L 31/1
HS-BBC A320 (5468) to Thai Air Asia 1/2
VN-A399 A321 (5438) to Vietnam A/L 1/1
VT-GOL A320 (5463) to Go Air 30/1
VT-IFH A320 (5437) to IndiGo 28/1
VT-IFI A320 (5460) to IndiGo 1/2
Air Contractors A306F EI-OZK (683 ex JA8563, N2683) was registered on 29/1 following freighter conversion & delivered from Dresden to Leipzig on 1/2. It is due to be operated by Air Hong Kong/DHL.
Air Dolomiti E190 I-ADJR (19000595) arrived at Verona on delivery on 1/2.
Air Explore. See under TUI A/L Belgium.
Air Hong Kong. See under Air Contractors.
Airlinair. See under HOP!
Alpha Star Aviation AT42 F-WKVG (859) left Bordeaux on 28/1 on delivery to Jeddah & is to become HZ-A10.
American A/L B773 N719AN (41668) was delivered from Paine Field to Dallas/Fort Worth, TX on 28/1.
Austrian A/L B738 OE-LNS (34262) was registered N342AM on 25/1 & left Vienna on 1/2 on delivery to AeroMexico.
Boeing single-aisle deliveries to other customers
N914NN B738 (31161) to American A/L 25/1
N915NN B738 (33227) to American A/L 31/1
N8608N B738 (36638) to Southwest 25/1
N37466 B739 (31644) to United A/L 30/1
Bombardier deliveries to other customers
C-GSNE DH8D (4430) to ANA Wings 19/1 & registered JA461A on 23/1
C-GSZD DH8D (4413) to Sunstate A/L 26/1
Brit Air. See under HOP!
Brussels A/L B462 OO-MJE (E2192) was registered to Aircraft Holding Network on 23/1 as N192DD & left Brussels on 27/1 heading for Summerside & understood to be due for water bomber conversion for Neptune Aviation Services. B733 OO-VEN (28586) was ferried from Brussels to Budapest on 31/1 prior to delivery to Jet2 as G-GDFM.
Business Air B763 HS-BIG (24357 ex N984AN) was registered on 31/1 & delivered from Mexico City to Victorville, CA the same day.
Carpatair F70 YR-KMC (11569) arrived at Lelystad on 26/1 for painting prior to delivery to Alliance A/L.
China Southern A333 B-5917 (1392) made its first flight on 30/1 as F-WWYY.
EasyJet A319 HB-JZN (2387) has been rolled out at Southend in Allegiant scheme & will become N302NV.
Emirates B773 A6-ENG (35604) made its first flight on 25/1. A6-ENF (41085) left Paine Field on 31/1 on delivery to Dubai.
Etihad Cargo B777F A6-DDB (39692) left Paine Field on 30/1 on delivery to Abu Dhabi.
Europe Airpost B733 F-GIXH (23788) was ferried from Paris/Orly to St Athan on 1/2 for scrapping. 
Eurowings CRJ2 D-ACRH (7738) was ferried from Ljubljana to Dusseldorf on 28/1 prior to delivery to Yamal with whom it is to become VP-BBM.
Germanwings A319 D-AGWU (5457) made its first flight on 28/1 as D-AVYL.
Holidays Czech A/L A320 OK-HCA (4699) was ferried from Prague to Jeddah on 30/1 on lease to NAS Air (see Skyliner for photo).
HOP! is the name of the carrier that will draw together Brit Air, Regional A/L & Airlinair under the one brand from 31/3.
Iberia A333 EC-LUK (1385) made its first flight on 29/1 as F-WWYQ.
Iberia Express A320 EC-LUL (5486) made its first flight on 30/1 as F-WWDE.
Jet2. See under Brussels A/L.
Luxair DH8D LX-LGA (4159) was ferried from Innsbruck to Ostrava on 29/1 for painting prior to delivery to Yakutia.
MAS A333 9M-MKF (100) left Kuala Lumpur on 26/1 for scrapping at Tupelo, MS. 9M-MTK (1388) made its first flight on 30/1 as F-WWYT.
Meridiana Fly A332 I-EEZJ (565) was registered EI-EZJ for ILFC on 21/1. A320 I-EEZF (1983) & I-EEZG (2001) were registered to Celestial Aviation on 21/1 as EI-EZW & EI-EZV respectively & are due to be operated by Aer Lingus.
Miscellaneous Items
G-CHJU E170 (17000293) for Air Costa of India was ferried from Bournemouth to Exeter on 29/1 after painting & prior to delivery.
NAS Air. See under Holidays Czech A/L.
Niki A320 OE-LEQ (5464) made its first flight on 28/1 as D-AVVW.
Non Airline
A4O-AJ A319CJ (4992) for the Oman Royal Flight was delivered from Finkenwerder to Muscat on 1/2.
HB-IEE B752 (24527) of Privatair was ferried from Geneva to Manston on 31/1 for storage & is being offered for sale.
9Q-CLK B707 (17702 ex VH-EBG, G-AWDG, N600JJ, N707KS, N707SK) of the Government of Congo left Miami, FL on 26/1 on redelivery after an overhaul that began on 01/08/10.
Norwegian Air Shuttle B738s LN-NGI (39020) & LN-NIF (39434) made their first flights on 31/1.
OLT ceased operations at midnight on 27/1. Its fleet is currently parked at the following locations:
D-AFKA F100 (11517) at Saarbrucken
D-AFKB F100 (11527) at Saarbrucken
D-AFKC F100 (11496) at Munster
D-AFKD F100 (11500) at Saarbrucken
D-AFKE F100 (11505) at Saarbrucken
D-AFKF F100 (11470) at Dresden
D-AGPH F100 (11308) at Stuttgart
D-AGPK F100 (11313) at Stuttgart
D-AOLB S2000 (5) at Bremen
D-AOLC S2000 (16) at Bremen
D-AOLG F100 (11452) at Dresden
D-AOLH F100 (11265) at Saarbrucken
D-AOLT S2000 (37) at Bremen
D-COLE S340A (144) at Bremen
Oman Air. See under Travel Service.
Pegasus B738 TC-APH (29250) was ferried from Istanbul/Sabiha Gokcen on 29/1 on return to the lessor & for painting for a new operator.
Qatar A/W B773 A7-BAW (41741) left Paine Field on 29/1 on delivery to Doha. A332F A7-AFY (1386) made its fist flight on 31/1 as F-WWYR.
Regional A/L. See under HOP!
Rossiya B735 EI-CDG (25738), parked at Billund, was registered to Nordic Aviation Capital as OY-EDO on 22/1. With EI-CDD (24989) & EI-CDE (25115) being broken up at Goodyear, AZ, this just leaves EI-CDF (25737) & EI-CDH (25739), both of which are reportedly stored at Vilnius, though the latter may have moved on as it was sold to an unknown operator in Lithuania on 7/1.
SAS B738 LN-RGC (41257) left Boeing Field on 25/1 on delivery to Oslo. A333 SE-REE (515) has been reregistered as LN-RKO & flew its first service as such on 25/1. A320 OY-KAN (2958 ex VT-INE, OE-IBM) was delivered from Zurich to Copenhagen on 1/2.
Saudia A321 HZ-AST (5314) left Finkenwerder on 26/1 on delivery to Jeddah.
Shaheen Air. See under Vladivostok Avia.
Singapore A/L A333 9V-STT (1382) made its first flight on 30/1 as F-WWYN.
Smart Wings B737 OK-SWX (29885 ex EI-CXD, G-STRF) was ferried from Prague to Lasham on 27/1 on return to the lessor.
TAMPA Colombia A332F N331QT made its first flight on 30/1 as F-WWYK.
Thai A/W A333 HS-TBF (1374) was onward delivered from Frankfurt to Bangkok on 30/1 following seat installation.
THY B738 TC-JHO (40987) left Boeing Field on 28/1 on delivery to Istanbul/Ataturk.
Titan A/W. The A320 destined for the carrier is EI-TAG (2791) of TACA. It was ferried from Washington Dulles to Shannon on 30/1 & will enter service as G-POWI in the spring.
TNT B462 OO-TAR (E2067) was registered to International Air Leases as N146QT on 7/12 & was ferried from Liege to Algiers on 1/2 on delivery to an unknown customer. 
Travel Service B738 OK-TVV (38027) was ferried from Prague to Dubai on 30/1 on wet-lease to Oman Air.
TUI A/L Belgium B735 OO-JAT (24927) was ferried from Bacau to Lasham on 30/1 on return to the lessor. B734 OO-JAM (28867) has become OM-DEX for Air Explore & was delivered from Brussels to Bratislava on 31/1.
Virgin Atlantic B744 G-VTOP (28194) was ferried to Gatwick on 12/1 & hasn't moved since. It will remain there as a standby aircraft until ferrying to Manchester on 2/2 on return to the lessor.
Vladivostok Avia A333 VQ-BEQ (86) has become AP-BKN for Shaheen Air & left Brussels on 31/3 on delivery to Karachi.
Vueling A320 EC-??? (5479) made its first flight on 25/1 as F-WWBS.
XL A/W Germany B738 D-AXLG (28226) was registered to ILFC on 23/1 as EI-EZP.
Yakutia RRJ95 RA-89012 (95020) was delivered from Ulyanovsk to Yakutsk on 31/1. Also see under Luxair.
Yamal. See under Eurowings.