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Forum Rules - Revisited

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flyvertosset Posted: Mon, Dec 5 2011 9:00 AM

The forums are set up into various areas of discussion to allow visitors/members to quickly and easily find topics of direct interest to themselves. 

Threads accidentally posted in the incorrect forum may be moved.

Multiple topics on one subject do not benefit anyone, if you wish to make a comment on a topic, see if there is a thread already existing on that subject first.

In order to keep the forums easily accessible we reserve the right to request that posts are made in an existing thread and remove/lock new threads on a subject.

Discussion allows all members to participate and learn from each other, intense debate on issues is positively encouraged, however please only discuss the argument, not the person making the opposing point of view.

Similarly topics that degenerate into nothing more than mud slinging will also be watched and if the participation does not return to a more civil discussion will be locked.


You are legally responsible for the accuracy of your posts. Airspace will not accept any responsibility for any consequences which arise from information posted by a member which turns out to be incorrect.

If we are faced with any action against us - legal or otherwise – as a result of a post then we will have no option but to pass on relevant information we may have about the culprit.

By the law of the land, you are forbidden from (among other things):
•    Saying things about people which are not true (libel, defamation)
•    Using words, images or anything else which you do not own (copyright)
•    Using threatening behaviour
•    Inciting hatred
•    Discriminatory behaviour (based on sex, race, religion, sexual orientation, disability etc)
•    Promoting terrorism
•    Conducting any other criminal activity


If you are convinced a post breaks the forum rules you should use the “Report Abuse” button to draw attention to it: please don’t post your objections on the actual thread.

Airspace does not moderate these forums, so only reports of abuse from users in this way can result in us being able to respond. We will endeavour to act on these reports as quickly as possible.


Legal obligations aside, there are things that are just good manners and can not be allowed on AirSpace :

False and/or defamatory posts. If you know it's a lie or untrue, then don't post it. Indeed, if you don’t know that it’s true, don’t post it.

Abusive, vulgar, hateful, threatening or harassing posts.  If you disagree with someone, that's fine. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, and that's what makes for good debate. But do not make your response personal, insulting or abusive.

Phrases such as "In my humble opinion..." (or "IMHO..."); "With all due respect..."; and "The way I look on it.." are fine. (So long as you don't then put "you are talking out of your backside..."  )

Phrases like "I hate all civil servants, they are all b******s..."; "You are an utter idiot"; are not. Attacks on particular sections of society because of race or sexuality are also covered by this rule.

Obscene and profane posts. Colourful language may get used around yoru home but keep it off the forum. What might not offend you, could offend someone else. Please don’t swear or we will edit the offending words out.

Comments that are an invasion of a person's privacy. Don’t post things about people on the forums which they may not want made public ie name, address, pictures. If people want to share that information it is fine, but it is their decision.


AirSpace has provided this space free of charge for you to discuss, communicate and express yourself. In return, all we ask is that you do not use AirSpace as a place to conduct business – please don’t advertise machinery or products or job vacancies which belong elsewhere on Airspace.

RULE FIVE – HOW MATERIAL FROM AirSpace MAY BE USED reserves the right to re-use content from AirSpace, with due credit made to the content originator.


To ensure that AirSpace remains a pleasant environment for all users:
•    Threads which break the rules may get deleted in their entirety
•    Persistent rule-breakers will be warned
•    Even more persistent rule-breakers will be formally warned.
•    Then comes the final warning.
•    Then suspension from the site.

Although any or all of the steps above may be leap-frogged if the offence is serious enough to demand it..


Suspensions - If a member is suspended, then they will be informed by e-mail (to the address you registered with). The suspension will be lifted once a written apology has been received by AirSpace along with a written undertaking to abide by the rules.

Bans - If a member breaches the rules again once a suspension has been lifted, they will be permanently banned from posting on the site. Again, the member will be informed by e-mail which will be sent to the e-mail address you registered with. Permanent bans may only be lifted at the FlightGlobal's discretion, and under whatever conditions they choose to impose. There is no guarantee that they will be lifted at all.


We will update these rules from time to time and retain the right to delete anything that is deemed unacceptable but isn’t covered by one of the other rules.

Gravity always wins!

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