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How to add a video to AirSpace

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Maverick Posted: Fri, Dec 4 2009 2:12 PM

In this version of AirSpace, embedding videoworks slightlly differently to the previous site. To upload video (or another media type)  first click on this button . This will open an area which allows you to either upload media from your desktop (including video and audio), from AirSpace (if you the file is already uploaded) or from a URL, if you want to link to a Youtube clip or another video sharing site.

For a YouTube video to work, you do not require the whole embeddable code like before, all you need is the URL of the link, which you paste in (as well as giving some dimension preferences) and then click on insert.

For example:

This URL:

When pasted into the URL section embeds this great video from our resident video genius mcpcshowcaseHD:

If you want to make sure the code works, simply click on preview in the editing section. Video linking also supports other video sharing sites such as  Vimeo and the same policy applies:


For those who see video as an option in the editing section of AirSpace, please disregard this section for the timebeing.


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