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Welcome to the JP Airline Fleets Group


Welcome to this new and exciting area dedicated to all thing's JP Airlines. We hope to keep you up-to-date with all the elements of JP Airlines during its production and aim to answer any questions you have about the book and the data used.

The current JP airline-fleets international 2009/10 is still available from the Flight shop. The CD version is available for £30.39 and the CD/print combo is available for £57.45.

The team producing the next version of JP Fleets aim to keep you abreast of the latest developments in this blog. To follow that and any other new adition to this group you can follow the RSS feed.

The team are always looking at the latest pictures uploaded to AirSpace for potential use in the book, but we encourage AirSpace users to also upload to this group's  image gallery for the possibility to be included. Take a look at some of the previous JP pictures for some ideas on what we are looking for.

If you collect any data and want it included in the next version of JP, you can add it to this Wiki area, an explanation of how to use a Wiki on this site can be found on my blog Jetwashed.  We cannot guarentee that we will use the data you provide but when you add it our data team will analyse it and be in touch with you.

Finally, we always welcome any input from you (good and bad), and now we have a JP Fleet specific forum for you to make your comments on the book and also debate your love of aircraft and fleets.

Any questions, please ask.


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