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  • US business jets grounded as FAA transmitter mandate takes effect

    News | 06 Jan 2004 00:00

    <p>An unknown number of business jets was expected to be grounded on 1 January, when a US Federal Aviation Administration mandate requiring installation of emergency locator transmitters (ELT) on all turbojets took effect. </p> <p>Aviation associations failed to secure a last-minute extension to the deadline, which was set almost three years ago, although hundreds of aircraft are still waiting to be equipped.</p> <p>The National Business Aviation Association, representing Part 91 private operators, and the National Air Transportation Association, representing Part 135 charter operators, tried unsuccessfully to secure a 90-day reprieve, arguing that shortages in the supply of some ELT models were causing installation delays. </p> <p>The shortages are blamed on equipment manufacturers' inability to meet demand, made worse by the late ordering of ELTs to meet the mandate.</p> <p>Industry estimates 5-10% of the US business jet fleet could be affected, putting the number of aircraft pot