News Listings for Louisville International

  • ITT’s NextGen backbone prepares for lifting

    News | 06 Jul 2009 23:00 | John Croft

    The first online network of automatic dependent surveillance - broadcast stations is about to begin tests. What will it bring?
  • Delta to perform continuous descent approaches in San Diego

    News | 25 Nov 2008 09:30 | Megan Kuhn

    <P><A href="">Delta&nbsp;Air Lines</A> will begin operating continuous descent approaches (CDA) at <A href="">San&nbsp;Diego International airport</A> in January, increasing the number of US facilities where the fuel and emissions savings technique is used. </P> <P>While San Diego's CDA procedure - dubbed LYNDI - is designed for multiple fleet types, the carrier has not decided which of its 13 average daily operations will use the CDA, says Delta technical pilot Grady Boyce. </P> <P>Delta began testing CDA arrivals for night operations at <A href="">Hartsfield-Jackson&nbsp;Atlanta International airport </A>in April 2007. The airline began a second, 90-day night trial in Atlanta in August, which was due to end on 18 November, but will be extended so procedures can be tested during daytime operations, Boyce says. Delta also began using CDAs at Los Angeles this y
  • Briefings 1/1/08

    News | 21 Dec 2007 11:59

    US MILITARY EYES BETTER UNMANNED SYSTEMS ROADMAP The US Department of Defense's latest 25-year roadmap for unmanned systems calls for better integration...
  • Descent method has green appeal

    News | 10 Apr 2006 23:00

    <P>Growing interest in employing continuous descent approach (CDA) procedures into airports could lead to a promising operational blueprint for sustainable aviation, says a US environmental chief.</P> <P>Speaking in he UK at the Royal Aeronautical Society Aerospace 2006 event last week in London, US Federal Aviation Adminstration director Carl Burleson, who is responsible for environment and energy policies, said that the biggest environmental gains would come from improved operational procedures. </P> <P>“There is no silver bullet on the horizon that I can see in terms of environmental technologies – nothing in terms of the significance of the bypass ratio engine, for example – but there are a number of incremental improvements coming,” he said. “One significant improvement that is real and is on the horizon is CDA.”</P> <P>The FAA sponsored a study by UPS Airlines on how to implement more efficient air traffic control (ATC) procedures at the US freight carrier’s Louisville Interna