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  • Lufthansa to use GPS in Russia

    News | 11 Sep 2000 23:00

    <p>Andrew Doyle/SAMARA </p> <p>Lufthansa is making final preparations towards clearing its flight crews to use a global positioning system (GPS)-based landing approach system at Samara International Airport in Russia. </p> <p><img src='../Assets/GetAsset.aspx?ItemID=4664' /></p> <p>The technique has been under trial at Lufthansa's main hubs in Frankfurt and Munich for several months but Samara will be the first location where the system will be used on an operational basis, allowing non-precision Category I approaches to be flown independent of ground aids. GPS-based approach charts will subsequently be issued for other Russian cities served by the German flag-carrier, including Perm, Nizhny Novgorod and Kazan. </p> <p>Lufthansa will be one of the first European airlines to implement GPS-based approach procedures, though similar technology is already in widespread use in the USA. </p> <p>The GPS system allows approaches to be flown down to a decision height of 200ft (61m) at airpo