Embraer ships 99 business jets in 2012

Washington DC
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A delivery frenzy in the fourth quarter helped Embraer beat expectations and ship 99 business jets in 2012, matching the previous year's total output.

Embraer's executive jet division says it delivered 99 aircraft overall in 2012, including 53 in the fourth quarter alone.

The unit's revenues will be released later this month, but the delivery rate reflects the company's guidance. Embraer anticipated collecting between $1.1 billion and $1.3 billion from business jets in 2012.

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Embraer delivered a total of 77 Phenom 100 and 300 light jets in 2012

It had received $580 million in the first three quarters, when the company had only completed about 46.5% of the year's deliveries.

Embraer delivered a total of 77 Phenom 100 and 300 light jets, meeting the company's guidance targets. It also slightly beat its own expectations for deliveries of Legacy 650 and Lineage 1000 jets, which totalled 22, or two more than forecast.

But the deliveries also continued a downward trend for Phenom deliveries that Embraer hopes to reverse by 2014.

Embraer's light jet deliveries peaked in 2010 with shipments of 100 Phenom 100s and 26 Phenom 300s. By 2011, output had dropped to 99 deliveries, including 83 light jets, or six more than in 2012.